Consecrated Letter

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Inv letter 15


This item is provided for Official alliance mini-icon [1] Consecrated Letterω τ ϖ.

Consecrated Letter as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Official alliance mini-icon [1] Consecrated Letterω τ ϖ.


I hope this letter finds you well, <class>. I say that with great pride, because not many can profess such profound faith, but also know that they are among the most elite of Azeroth's protectors.

Always remember, first and foremost, it is your duty to go to battle against those who seek to harm our world and bring corruption into our homes.

I have been given authority over your training for the time being. When you are ready, seek me out inside Northshire Abbey.

-Brother Sammuel, Paladin Trainer

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