Spell holy weaponmastery Neutral 15 Conqueror of Ulduar 10 Money achievement
Defeat each boss in Ulduar on 25-player mode without allowing any raid member to die to that boss at any point during that raid lockout period.

Flame Leviathan slain
Razorscale slain
Assembly of Iron slain
Auriaya slain
Thorim slain
Mimiron slain
Yogg-Saron slain

Ignis the Furnace Master slain
XT-002 Deconstructor slain
Kologarn slain
Hodir slain
Freya slain
General Vezax slain

Reward: Title: <Conquerer of Ulduar>

This title appears in front of your character's name:

"<Name>", Conqueror of Ulduar

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