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Complete List of All Achievements

There are currently 1402 Achievements in game as of Cataclysm-Logo-SmallPatch 4.3.4, with a fraction of those being obtainable. Any updates to this list to help the Creator would be very welcome.

Neutral 15 Neutral

Neutral Achievements
Achievement Criteria Source Reward Currently Obtainable Additional Notes
Money achievement Leading the Calvary Collect 100 Mounts [Reins of the Albino Drake] Yes
Money achievement Mountain o' Mounts Collect 100 Mounts [Red Dragonhawk Mount] Yes
Money achievement Needy Roll 100 on need roll ilvl 185 or above Yes
Money achievement Epic Equip epic items in all slots ilvl 213 or above Yes
Money achievement Cataclysmically Epic Equip epic items in all slots ilvl 359 or above Yes
Money achievement Ten Tabards Collect and equip 10 Tabards Yes


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