This article is meant to be a side-by-side comparison of Frenzyheart and Oracles rewards, two factions located in Sholazar Basin. The article aims to make it easier for players to decide which faction they want to side and gain reputation with.

Overview Edit

When you do the quest A Hero's Burden, you are given a choice to kill one of two NPCs to defeat Artruis the Heartless: Zepic of the Frenzyheart Tribe and Jaloot of The Oracles. Killing Zepic will align you with The Oracles, while killing Jaloot will align you with the Frenzyheart Tribe. Which you choose will have various impacts on you, not only on which faction rewards you can purchase, but also in which quests you might pursue. And while you can revert from one to another, it is best to avoid making a haphazard choice.

This page provides some a quick side-by-side comparison for how each faction may benefit a character. What this page does not do is tell you which faction you need to choose specifically. You are strongly encouraged to look at all the items before you make your choice.

Reputation weapon rewards Edit

Frenzyheart Oracles
Inv spear 03
Inv wand 12

Reputation equipment rewards Edit

Frenzyheart Oracles
Inv pants leather 21
Inv belt 03
Inv gauntlets 49
Inv belt 24
Inv pants plate 20
Inv shoulder haremmatron d 01
Inv gauntlets 53
Inv shoulder 98
Inv pants mail 25
Inv helmet 138
Inv gauntlets 29
Inv helmet 138

Crafting recipes and trainers Edit

Both factions offer various crafting patterns and plans that are Bind on Pickup which become available to you as your reputation level increases. The items you craft, however, are Bind on Equip, allowing you to make them for characters other than your own.

The Frenzyheart Tribe and The Oracles offer two jewelcrafting designs:

Summary Edit

This summarizes the classes listed as best for the reputation rewards shown on this page only; it does not include the quest rewards or the crafter recipes.

Frenzyheart Oracles
DPS death knights x2 DPS death knights x2
Tank death knights x2 Tank death knights
Balance druids Balance druids
Feral druids Feral druids
Restoration druids Restoration druids
Hunters Hunters x2
Mages Mages x2
Tanking paladins Tanking paladins
Holy paladins x2 Holy paladins
Retribution paladins Retribution paladins x2
Healing priests Healing priests x2
Shadow priests Shadow priests x2
Rogues x2 Rogues
Caster shamans x2 Elemental shamans
Enhancement shamans Enhancement shamans x2
Warlocks Warlocks x2
DPS warriors x2 DPS warriors x2
Tanking warriors x2 Tanking warriors

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