"Understanding how best to motivate the troops under their command is a tricky thing for a Warrior to master, as it depends so much on knowing the right things to bellow. For the green new recruits, words of valour and heroism are the order of the day. But for the company of veterans, a more pragmatic and realisitc approach is best, and gallows humour can be the right way to achieve the desired effect. With a good knowledge of the audience, the right words bellowed at the right time can make a world of difference...:

Commanding Presence improves the effect of Battle Shout and Commanding Shout. It requires 10 points in Fury talents.

Rank tableEdit

Rank Effect
1 +5%
2 +10%
3 +15%
4 +20%
5 +25%


  • A rank 5 Commanding Presence will increase the attack power bonus of a rank 8 Battle Shout, obtainable at level 69, with 76 points (5.4 DPS). The health bonus of Commanding Shout is increased by 271 points (equivalent of 27 Stamina).
  • Prior to Patch 2.0.1 this talent was known as Improved Battle Shout.

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