Commander Duron is a level 70 quest giver located at the Stair of Destiny in the contested territory of Hellfire Peninsula.

He starts the quest Quest Avail 16x16Alliance 15 [61] Arrival in Outland.

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Commander Duron interview

Duron being interviewed.

The initial Alliance Expeditionary Force could cross to Honor Hold during the Dark Portal Opens event, however, the demons tried to retake the Dark Portal.[2] Commander Duron was put in charge of command the vast Alliance military forces in their defense against the demons trying to cross into Azeroth.[1] He joined forces with the Horde and recieved reinforcements from Relthorn Netherwane from Azeroth.[2]

During the battle at the Stair of Destiny he was interviewed by Wendy Breezy, but she didn't let him speak to much. He was looking at his soldiers being killed and couldn't pay much attention to Wendy. He was going to suggest something but was interrupted by Wendy. He then had to go to fight as the situation went out of control and said "Sorry, but... duty calls", leaving the reporters.[1]

When he realized he could hold back the demons,[2] he prepared a report and sent a soldier to deliver it to Marshal Isildor.[3]


For quotes and transcript of the video News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!, see Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork#News From Outland.
  • He has the default human voice in-game but is given a unique voice in News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal! video.


  • His name may be a nod to Kyp Duron, a character from the Star Wars novels.

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