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The Comic series Edit

The original comic series leaned it's focus more towards the Alliance rather than the Horde. In response Wildstorm intended to spinoff a Horde series and continue the original series as an Alliance centric comic begining with issue 26. This has since been cancelled, however, in favor of releasing the stories in graphic novel form instead.[1]

Ashbringer mini-series Edit

Special issue Edit

The Comic series Horde spinoff Edit

Wildstorm intended to launch a new Horde title to complement the World of Warcraft ongoing series, which came into a wrap-up in issue 25, triggering the split of the World of Warcraft comic book into two titles with the new Horde title spinoff hitting newsstands on January 2010.[2] This has since been cancelled, however, in favor of releasing the stories in graphic novel form instead.[1]

Lich King mini-series Edit

Curse of the Worgen mini-series Edit

Mists of Pandaria mini-series Edit

Legion digital mini-series Edit

Icon Legion 18x18 World of Warcraft: Legion comic

  1. Magni: Fault Lines
  2. Nightborne: Twilight of Suramar
  3. Highmountain: A Mountain Divided
  4. Anduin: Son of the Wolf

Alliance series graphic novels Edit

Horde series graphic novels Edit

Other series Edit

  • Wildstorm intended to release another Warcraft comic series during 2009. It is unknown whether this would be a mini-series akin to Ashbringer or a fully fledged series in its own right.[3]
  • Wildstorm once released information on a product called "Panderans" but quickly removed it, as the information was inaccurate. They planned on putting up details on the correct product "in a few months" (from September, 2009).[4]

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