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Neutral 32 Coldwind
Coldwind Heights
Coldwind Heights
Main leaderMistress of the Coldwind
Race(s)IconSmall Harpy Harpy
Base of operationsColdwind Heights, Nozzlerust Post
Theater of operationsDragonblight

The Coldwinds are a group of black-plumaged harpies found residing at Coldwind Heights in the Dragonblight.

They dislike the presence of the goblins of Nozzlerust Post, and have become a real nuisance for them, having both killed one of their runners and destroyed Zivlix's new machine.[1][2]

Their leader usually resides near the trees of the recessed valley in Coldwind Heights.[3]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Harpy Mistress of the Coldwind Leader, mistress Killable Coldwind Heights, Dragonblight



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