General Information Edit

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • Basic Melee: 1300-1600
  • Frost Mist: PBAoE slow reduces movement speed by 75%.
  • Poison Volley: 2.5k nature damage, followed by a DoT for 230-260 poison every 5 seconds. Interruptable.

Strategy Edit

These mobs are vulnerable to all standard forms of CC.

Except for patrols Coldmist Widows are always accompanied by 2 or more stealthed Coldmist Stalkers.

Melee DPS will be annoyed by the slows. Warriors keep your charge handy for when aggro shifts.

Use a flare to reveal the Coldmist Stalkers. Alternatively a rogue or prowling cat-druid can get close enough to detect the stealthed mobs.

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