Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Shield Slam
  • Reflective Shield: Will erect a blue bubble and reflect all spells directed at it approximately every 20 seconds.
  • Stealth Detection: Can see through Stealth and thus cannot be sapped.


These mobs are relatively rare, but there are at least three packs of them to contend with. A well-geared tank and healer can endure fighting two at a time so long as they can be taken down fast, though it can often be much safer to kite one.

Hunters are an optimum choice, due to their ability to get around the reflective shield. Barring that, a Warlock with Curse of Exhaustion or a frost mage can do so, utilizing Cone of Cold when the shield is up (due to it not reflecting AoE spells). Ensure the puller has a great deal of frontloaded threat, lest the healer pull aggro during the kite.

Slowing spells, such as cone of cold or frost nova will not work when their spell reflection shield is up, although the such spells like frost nova will not be reflected.


Reputation: Provides 5 reputation with Cenarion Expedition until Honored.

The Heroic version provides 15 reputation Cenarion Expedition all the way to Exalted.

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