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A pygmy cockatrice


A traditional cockatrice

Cockatrices are small chickens found on Azeroth.

Cockatrices and blood elves

Cockatrice was also going to be the name for the blood elf racial mount, but due to the word's unfortunate coincidental similarity to a slang term, the name was changed to Hawkstrider.

Between Blizzard's tendency to put their own spin on myths and traditional fantasy — and the high elven love of grace and beauty — it's no mystery why these scaly monsters were reinvented for their new incarnation.


In classical representations, cockatrices look like a mixture of a rooster and a dragon or snake, as seen in the picture to the right.

Depending on which source is used, the cockatrice is sometimes another name for the basilisk. See Myth for more information.

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