The Cobalt subset of the Blacksmithing tradeskill is a Plate armor collection based around Defense. This makes it of most interest to Paladin, Warrior, and Death Knight tanks in Player vs Environment (PvE) scenarios.

Consisting of 8 pieces of armor it is a fairly complete gear set, while not being an actual Set. The cobalt set is easy to make and obtain at level 70, allowing the player to enter beginner Northrend instances as adequately geared tanks, which are important to the tank and spank nature of five man dungeons.

The whole set gives 122 defense at level 70, yielding 4.88% additional chance each for a dodge, block, or parry, as well as a 4.88% decrease in crit chance from mobs on the player. The health gained from the full set is 3620. Adding the cheap and easy to obtain Borean Armor Kit and applying it to all applicable pieces brings the total health bonus up to 4340.

Due to its high strength and overall survivability, this set is also useful for solo questing for both tank and dps Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights.

Materials to make

Item [Cobalt Bar]
[Cobalt Belt] x4
[Cobalt Boots] x4
[Cobalt Bracers] x4
[Cobalt Shoulders] x4
[Cobalt Helm] x5
[Cobalt Legplates] x5
[Cobalt Gauntlets] x5
[Cobalt Chestpiece] x6
Totals x37


Item Armor Strength Stamina Defense Rating
[Cobalt Belt] 730 25 39 37
[Cobalt Boots] 892 29 44 30
[Cobalt Bracers] 567 25 27 45
[Cobalt Shoulders] 973 33 36 30
[Cobalt Helm] 1054 33 51 50
[Cobalt Legplates] 1135 40 66 32
[Cobalt Gauntlets] 811 37 39 25
[Cobalt Chestpiece] 1297 39 60 39
Totals 7459 261 362 288

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