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== Objective of ==
== Objective of ==
This item is needed for the quest {{questlong|Neutral|1|Eyes on the Prizes|prof=Leatherworking}}, given by [[Rinling]] at the [[Darkmoon Faire]] on [[Darkmoon Island]].
This item is needed for the following [[Darkmoon Faire]]-related quests:
*{{questlong|Neutral|1|Eyes on the Prizes|prof=Leatherworking}} (given by [[Rinling]])
*{{questlong|Neutral|1|Banners, Banners Everywhere!|prof=Tailoring}} (given by [[Selina Dourman]])
== Source ==
== Source ==

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Inv fabric linen 032020
  • Coarse Thread
  • Item Level 5
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 2Copper
  • Vendor 10Copper

Thick, rough thread. Used in the creation of low-level Tailoring and Leatherworking items.

Objective of

This item is needed for the following Darkmoon Faire-related quests:


Coarse Thread can be bought from any number of trade goods vendors for 10Copper each.

Coarse Thread as an ingredient

Coarse Thread is used in the following recipes:



Coarse Thread as a quest item

Coarse Thread is needed for the following quests:

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