The Clockwork Assistant is Jepetto Joybuzz's assistant toy vendor in Dalaran. It is a level 75 mechanical.

Vendors Edit

Item Cost
Inv cask 03 [Grindgear Toy Gorilla] 45Silver
Inv gizmo 04 [Heavy Copper Racer] 30Silver
Inv misc toy 05 [Paper Zeppelin Kit] 5Gold
Inv gizmo 02 [Trusty Copper Racer] 30Silver
Inv gizmo 01 [Zippy Copper Racer] 30Silver
Inv misc toy 03 [Tiny Green Ragdoll] 75Silver
Inv misc head clockworkgnome 01 [Wind-Up Train Wrecker] 250Gold
Inv misc toy 10 [Toy Train Set] 250Gold

External links Edit

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