Ability warrior cleave
  • Cleave
  • 5 yds.  range
  • 6 sec cooldown
  • 10% of base Mana
  • A sweeping attack that does your weapon damage plus X to the target and his nearest ally.
Usable by
Cooldown6 sec
Other information
For the Warrior ability, see Cleave.

Cleave is a melee special attack that damages up to two opponents: the target, and the creature nearest to the target.

Rank Level Damage Cost
1 50 32 1Gold 50Silver
2 60 50 1Gold 50Silver
3 68 78 6Gold

Talent improvement Edit

Unholy Power, Master Demonologist, Soul Link, and Demonic Tactics are all considered important talents for a warlock that relies on a Felguard. These talents not only improve your overall DPS, but also improve the Felguard's threat per second (TPS).

Tips and tactics Edit

This is a great ability for solo and pvp, however it can cause havoc in groups using crowd control (CC) that breaks when the controlled creature is damaged. If you will be using CCs like Polymorph or Freezing Trap it is best to turn this ability off.

Similarly, if your tank has more than one creature attacking him or her, Cleave will often draw aggro from whichever creature the tank has the least threat on.

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