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This article is meant to be a side-by-side comparison of Claw and Bite, two hunter pet abilities. The article aims to show players the strengths and differences of both.

When you first get your pet, you will want something other than Cower or Growl. The two main attacks most early pets are trained with are claw and bite. However, which is best of the two in different situations?

Simple Comparison Edit

Damage Dealt Focus Average Damage Damage per second Cooldown
Bite 9 108 - 133 35 120.5 12.05 10 sec.
Claw 9 (Twice) 108 - 152 50 130 13 10 sec.
Claw 9 54 - 76 25 65 13 5 sec.

As you can see, bite does nearly twice the damage as claw, but takes twice as long to cast, while claw hits twice in that time, causing more damage, but using more focus. So which is the most effective?

Focus Average Damage Damage per second
Bite 9 35 120.5 12.05
Claw 9 (Twice) 50 130 13
Result Bite is 30% more focus efficiant. Claw does 8% more damage Claw does 8% more DPS

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