City Protector is an apparently discontinued or never-implemented PvP rank that was announced by Blizzard at some point.

It was described in the official PvP-Guide to the original honor system that this would be a rank granted the player with Standing 1 in the past week.[citation needed] It would last for one week and allow the City Protector to use a special spell to teleport him to his race's major city just like a second hearthstone.

Notes Edit

  • The icon for this existed on the official World of Warcraft forums as an icon for PvP ranking in a profile next to a character's portrait.
  • The titles for City Protector rank could have been these unused titles found from World of Warcraft files.[1]
    • For humans, Protector of Stormwind
    • For orcs, Overlord of Orgrimmar
    • For dwarves, Thane of Ironforge
    • For night elves, High Sentinel of Darnassus
    • For undead, Deathlord of the Undercity
    • For taurens, Chieftain of Thunderbluff
    • For gnomes, Avenger of Gnomeregan
    • For trolls, Voodoo Boss of Sen'jin

References Edit

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    PVP_MEDAL2 = "Overlord of Orgrimmar";
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    PVP_MEDAL4 = "High Sentinel of Darnassus";
    PVP_MEDAL5 = "Deathlord of the Undercity";
    PVP_MEDAL6 = "Chieftain of Thunderbluff";
    PVP_MEDAL7 = "Avenger of Gnomeregan";
    PVP_MEDAL8 = "Voodoo Boss of Sen'jin";

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