Cindermaul is an unbound fire elemental that can be found within the Firelands Forgeworks[25, 41] in Mount Hyjal by stepping through the portal on the Lightning Ledge. He guards a series of portals that the Twilight's Hammer clan are using to transport materials from the Elemental Planes into Azeroth.

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Cindermaul says: Wants to kill us does it? Wants to know our secrets...
Cindermaul says: We must destroys it.
Cindermaul says: We burns it, we burns! Brings fire, yes!
Cindermaul says: Come winds, whisper whisper... Blows it, blows it, blows it away!
Cindermaul says: We... crushes it! Must... make crush. Hurry friends!
Cindermaul says: It mustn't know... it mustn't learn... what's ours...


  • During the fight, Cindermaul will summon several smaller elementals to fight for him. They will despawn the instant he is killed.
  • The Tome of Openings can be looted from the chest that spawns upon defeating Cindermaul.

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