Churches are places of worship where the citizens of Lordaeron seek spiritual enlightenment. Once led by devout clerics, churches now depend on paladins to minister to the masses in this time of war. It is in these places for healing and serenity that the holy warriors gather to deepen their faith.

Through meditating, communing and tithing at these sanctified sites, paladins discover new ways to channel their healing and spiritual powers.[1] (W2Man 56)

World of Warcraft Edit

Light's hope

Light's Hope Chapel

Tranquil Gardens Cemetery

A church in Duskwood, one of two in Azeroth.

Churches or chapels can be found in World of Warcraft in many places, often in Lordaeron. Interestingly, only two churches appear in Azeroth, while most appear in Lordaeron.

This is the same with mage towers, which are mainly in Azeroth but not in Lordaeron.

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