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Chubsie Splash
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Chubsie Alliance 15 Twilight's_Hammer_Europe IconSmall Gnome Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 Monkey Magic Knight

Character History Edit

Mafia Tabbard

Chubsie in his low 30s wearing the Gnomish Mafia Tabard

Chubsie first entered the World of Warcraft in September 2005 alongside his brother (Clangwen, who played a Warrior) and his friend (Soidoc who played a Mage) the first few days went amazingly well, and once the trio had settled into Agamaggan Chubsie set up his guild, the Gnomish Mafia, this guild was to be an attempt at being a Gnome only guild, it later would fail horribly.

During the first 23 levels the Trio found themselves in Deadmines a lot of the time, usually picking up two more, a caster and a healer to assist, this caused many problems due to the fact that most healers were really poor and caster damage dealers would rarely want to come along, however this changed with the arrival of another real life friend, Ellenna, who rolled a priest to level with the three, and also a Warlock that they PUG'd named Ayashy, these five became pretty inseparably for the next 15/20 levels, constantly questing and instancing together, this did not last long due to real life issues and the leveling slowed down.

Ayashy eventually left to create another character on another server, so the instance group was down to 4, however at this time Soidoc became lazy and decided to stop playing, and Ellenna had dramatically overtaken Chubsie and Clangwen, Clangwen's leveling was distracted due to having a Warlock main on the realm Vashj meaning that Chubsie was on his own. He did keep at it, however at a really slow pace. Chubsie stopped playing for a couple of months on Agamaggan to create a Paladin on The Venture Co realm, however he returned to Chubsie to continue the leveling.

When Chubsie returned he had found that it was finally over for the Gnomish Mafia and quit, he then joined the British Brotherhood for a small amount of time, until he left due to deciding that the members were racists and generally lacked a sense of humour, after this he joined the Special Forces as he met Coolgerb on the forums and thought that it might be a good guild to join. Chubsie had to take another break on the game due to real life picking up for him, he did return but as a more casual player and joined his current guild Dark Disciples, with which The Special Forces merged.

Chubsie found his home in Dark Disciples meeting new and interesting people and quickly befriending many of the members but more specifically Deadshot, Kujata and Grandfarseer. Chubsie did finally reach level 60 after just over a year of playing in Stratholme, Scarlet side shortly after Cannon Master Wiley with Clangwen in his group as well as a few guildies, however it would be a few months until Chubsie started raiding.

The first raid Chubsie attended was a Zul'Gurub run in which he participated in the first three boss kills before having to leave, he realised that raiding was what World of Warcraft was all about and grew very fond of it and eventually moved on from just Zul'Gurub raids into participating in Dark Disciples' first few steps in Blackwing Lair, as well as the weekly Molten Core and Onyxia runs. Chubsie was present at the Guild's first Nefarian kill.

Chubsie Talbuk

Chubsie after buying a Talbuk in Nagrand

When the Burning Crusade was released Chubsie, along with Deadhot (Deadshot's Paladin main), Kujata and Grandfarseer quickly ran into the first Hellfire Instance, Ramparts, claiming the server first Burning crusade instance finish, with only 4 members of a team, Chubsie leveled to 70 at a fairly quick pace from the help of another guild mate, Derasio who he spent most of his time leveling with, as well as running instances with the usual people, he forged a friendship with Leilina and Golthar, a priest and a mage respectively, who he also runs instances.

The Exodus of Agamaggan Edit

During the week of May 18th 2007 many of Chubsie's friends had decided to leave the realm for the reason that there was little progression and the server was empty, these friends (including those formerly in Cillit Bang and members of the Dark Disciples as well as various other people Chubsie had encountered) left to Twilight's Hammer.

Chubsie decided to revisit leveling with Clangwen, his brother and therefore migrated to the realm of Vashj where he joined one of the top guilds, Nightmare, however as it was the start of summer raiding was sparse and the guild relocated to Frostwhisper, when this happened Chubsie migrated to Twilight's Hammer, he has been there since 18th of August 2007, and currently resides there.

Activity at 70 Edit

Chubsie is now fully dedicated to PvE encounters and is in the guild Monkey Magic on Twilight's Hammer, he also casually PvPs to gain the arena points in various teams of people who he knew from Agamaggan, notably Dawz (Also known as Deadhot) where he is in a 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 team with.

Forum Activity Edit

During Chubsie's early WoW career he started posting on the Agamaggan Realm Forums quickly becoming a known player for his name and earning a Forum Champion title during the realm awards for, as Maxamundi put it "Just for being Chubsie" through the Forums Chubsie received many in game tells from players saying that they find his posts amusing, but also managed to annoy members of the same faction resulting in whines through whisper.

Chubsie also managed to make friends with some horde players, such as Shadowpie and Jahule (Jahule actually gave Chubsie 60g to pay for his level 40 mount) however this is caused controversy in his guild after being called "The mouth of Shadowpie" after members of Dark Disciples being killed in world PVP by Shadowpie who would then tell Chubsie to say things to his victims.

Chubsie rarely visits the forums but is still considered to many as a forum troll.

Cillit BANG

The Cillit BANG team standing in Stormwind 16/02/07 Shortly after Midnight when the Arenas went live.

PVP Arenas Edit

At the now released PVP Arenas chubsie joined forces with Grandfarseer, Kujata and Deadhot to form a 3v3 PVP team "Cillit BANG" as well as a 2v2 team with the same 3 players called "Not on my Shift"

Chubsie left these groups and took a hiatus to PvP during his team on Vashj, he is currently in a 2v2 team called, called "Cillit Bang" which has the Rogue Dawz in his group, also a 3v3 group with Dawz and Kujata named "The Romper Stompers" and also a 5v5 team named "Funky Monkeys" which has Dawz, Legatus and Vilse where there was Kujata but he left to a different 5v5 team soon after creation.

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