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There is no player-obtainable raw gem named Chrysoprase, so there are no craftable designs for them. However, there are a number of cut chrysoprase gems that drop from instance bosses in Heroic mode.

Green, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Name Effect Source (Heroic Bosses)
[Dazzling Chrysoprase] +5 Intellect 2 Mana per 5 seconds Old Hillsbrad
[Effulgent Chrysoprase] +5 Defense 2 mana per 5 seconds Hellfire Ramparts
[Enduring Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Defense Old Hillsbrad
[Jagged Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Critical Blood Furnace
[Lambent Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Hit 2 Mana per 5 seconds The Underbog
[Polished Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Spell Critical Shattered Halls
[Radiant Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Critical +5 Spell Penetration The Underbog
[Rune Covered Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Critical 2 Mana per 5 seconds Shadow Labyrinth
[Seer's Chrysoprase] +4 Intellect +5 Spirit Auchenai Crypts
[Steady Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Resilience Hellfire Ramparts
[Sundered Chrysoprase] +5 Critical 2 Mana per 5 seconds The Steamvault
[Timeless Chrysoprase] +5 Intelllect +6 Stamina Mana-Tombs
[Vivid Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Hit +6 Stamina The Slave Pens

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