Chou Ling Sing was a pandaren and one of the three most revered brewmasters alongside Hong Liu and Xiang, and they had a frequent and friendly rivalry. Chou put his name on his brews.[1]

Many have felt the chill of fear creep up when facing the minions of the Scourge. To watch ghouls and abominations rush across the fields of war to savage foes with hooked chains, claws and teeth can shake a warrior to his core. Chou the brewmaster despises the Scourge for the terror and ugliness they spread. He brews the strong drink named Chou's Steadying Cider to aid those who fight against the tides of undead that threaten the world.

The pandaren brewmaster Chou Ling Sing introduced the magnificent brew named Drunken Master' s Secret Tonic to the acrobats of Slink Strong's Goblin Circus as a gift for teaching him the tricks of goblin tumbling. Since then, many have copied the brew's recipe and it is enjoyed by many a stealthy, acrobatically inclined performer.[2]

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