Chilled to the Bone is a Mage talent in the Frost tree. It increases the damage of key Frost spells and makes the Frost Mage's already potent chills even more powerful.

Rank table Edit

Rank Damage Increase Additional snare
1 1% +2%
2 2% +4%
3 3% +6%
4 4% +8%
5 5% +10%


  • This talent is similar to the earlier Frost talent Permafrost. Combining both at maximum rank results in a total 20% additional snaring power.
  • This talent applies to the snare added to the Blizzard spell by Improved Blizzard, for a total 75% snare at maximum rank. When combined with Permafrost, the total is 85%, the most powerful snare available to the Frost Mage.

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