Children of Tortolla can be found most notably within the Crucible of Flame[69, 54]
within Mount Hyjal standing with Garunda Mountainpeak. They serve as companions for adventurers while within the Crucible for the two quests listed below.

The Children of Tortolla can also be seen while doing the quest Children of Tortolla at Ashen Lake within Mount Hyjal, freed when the Deep Corruptors attacking their eggs are killed. They cannot be interacted with during this quest, however. During the Firelands Invasion they are stranded upon the shoes of the same lake, harassed by Fiery Tormentors, waiting to be punted back into the water to safety. Once accomplished, they lead an assault against what remains of Nemesis.


Crucible of Flame, as companion


While completing quests within the Crucible, be aware that your Child of Tortolla can aggro nearby mobs.


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