Chieftain Swiftspear is a taunka quest giver located in Frostfloe Deep in the northern Storm Peaks [61.2, 39.0]. He is the objective of Horde 15 [80] Where Time Went Wrong.

Hundreds of years ago, Swiftspear was the chieftain of Camp Tunka'lo. His brother, Stormhoof, attempted to destroy the evil North Wind that had enslaved their people. After his death, Swiftspear was buried in Frostfloe Deep, the traditional burial ground of the people of Tunka'lo.

The North Wind initiated its revenge by altering history, including Swiftspear's memories of his brother's fight against the elemental overlord. With the aid of adventurers, Swiftspear's spirit seeks to help restore the timeline to its proper setting by sealing off the distortions in time caused by the North Wind.


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