Chieftain's Boots

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Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Gorilla +10-11 Intellect, +10-11 Strength
of the Owl +10-11 Intellect, +10-11 Spirit
of Spirit +15-16 Spirit
of the Eagle +10-11 Intellect, +10-11 Stamina
of Stamina +15-16 Stamina
of Power +30-32 Attack Power
of Nature's Wrath +21-23 Nature Spell Damage
of the Bear +10-11 Stamina, +10-11 Strength
of the Whale +10-11 Stamina, +10-11 Spirit
of the Falcon +10-11 Intellect, +10-11 Agility
of Agility +15-16 Agility
of the Monkey +10-11 Stamina, +10-11 Agility

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Dropped By Edit

World drop from Level 40 to 51 mobs, particularly rare mobs such as Death Howl, Cyclok the Mad, Jalinde Summerdrake, Scald, Ravasaur Matriarch, Rekk'tilac, Deatheye, Haarka the Ravenous, Greater Firebird and Antilos

Found in Edit

[Box of Goodies] [Kum'isha's Junk] [Lard's Special Picnic Basket] [Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies] [Reinforced Steel Lockbox] [Cuergo's Hidden Treasure]

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