Chieftain is a term used in the Warcraft universe to refer to the leader of a clan or a tribe principally. Chieftain is a genderless title.[1]



Each orc clan is led by a chieftain,[2][3][4][5] and the leader of all allied chieftains is the warchief.


The ogre clans are commonly led by a chieftain[6][7] a single chieftain rules the clan,[8] but their leadership rarely last long,[7] the ogre magi's act as their advisers.[7] It is unknown if the half-ogres have chieftains, but Rexxar became the chieftain of the Stonemaul clan.[8]


The tauren are led by Cairne, chieftain of the Bloodhoof tauren,[9] and their tribes are often led by a tauren with the title of "chief" and/or "chieftain".[1] They have the class of tauren chieftain. The taunka also have chieftains.[10][11][12]


Jungle trolls chieftains are at the top of the hierarchy,[13] the young trolls can hope of becoming one;[14] a chieftain is first and foremost a powerful and highly respected individual who has proved again and again his invaluableness to the tribe,[13] each tribe has a chieftain.[15] Forest trolls are also led by chieftains, a single chieftain rules each tribe, every village has at least one witch doctor or priest, who acts as an advisor or, occasionally, the chieftain.[16] Ice trolls have chieftains also,[17] but the chieftains follow the Frost King.[18]


Dark Iron dwarves are led by chieftains.[19]


Some furbolgs are led by a chieftain.[20][21][22][23]


Murlocs have chieftains.[24][25][26][27]


The Lost Ones have chieftains in their tribes.[28][29]


Troggs have chieftains.[30][31][32]


Gorlocs have chieftains.[33][34]


Vrykul have chieftains.[35][36]


The following races have at least one chietain:

The Tauren ChieftainsEdit

The Tauren Chieftains is a metal band that has members from the Horde.



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