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CombatMobElite 32Chief Ukorz Sandscalp
Chief Ukorz Sandscalp
Gender Male
Race Sandfury troll (Humanoid)
Level 46 Elite
Health 13,000
Wealth 9Silver 74Copper
Reaction Alliance Horde
Position Leader of the Sandfury trolls.
Location Zul'Farrak
Status Killable
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Chief Ukorz Sandscalp is a level 46 elite troll, and is the end boss of Zul'Farrak. He is accompanied by Ruuzlu, who is presumably a retainer or perhaps a relative.

He is the chief of the Sandfury Tribe and ruler of their city, Zul'Farrak. He can be accessed by talking to Weegli Blastfuse or by starting the optional fight with Sergeant Bly.


  • Berserker Stance- Assumes an aggressive stance that generates when the warrior strikes an opponent. Lasts 4 min.
  • Cleave- Inflicts 110% of normal melee damage to an enemy and it's nearest ally.
  • Frenzy- Increases caster's attack speed and physical damage output for 2 min.
  • Wide Slash- Inflicts normal damage plus 3 to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.


On Aggro:

  • This desert be mine!


  • The Sandfury reign supreme!

Low Health:

  • Feel the fury of the sands!


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