Chief Ogg'ora was an ogre female mage and legendary former leader of the Fire-Gut ogres.[1]

Grey hair is held in a filthy bun and her muscles are toned from wear and age, tall for a female ogre, her tusks are adorned with gold bands and a tanned leathe skirt shields her thick, meaty legs. A great metal staff worn in her wrinkled hands, the top glows a menacing red which matches Ogg'ora's savagely piercing eyes.

Chieftain Edit

Despite being a simpler one-headed ogre, she developed a strong affinity for magic as a child, particularly fire.

Despite being in her 50's at the time, she bested any male challenger to her rule and with her harem of male ogres she gave many strong offspring and great respect from her fellow ogres. Considered quite beautiful for an Ogre (by other Ogres), Ogg'ora wielded a magnificent staff stolen from a Dalaran Archmage during the Second War, that seemingly enhanced her fiery spells to deadly effect, under her tyrannical hand, the Fire-Gut rose in prominence and strength to eventually have control of a large portion of the Burning Steppes.

Death Edit

It is believed she was killed in a minor conflict in Fire-Gut territory at the age of 103.

References Edit