Chief Engineer Leveny is a goblin grand master engineering trainer located at the bottom level of Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. [42.6, 53.7]


Name Skill
Inv gizmo adamantiteframe [Adamantite Frame]325
Inv misc bomb 08 [Adamantite Grenade]325
Inv crate 05 [Advanced Target Dummy]185
Inv misc food 26 [Aquadynamic Fish Attractor]150
Inv misc wrench 01 [Arclight Spanner]50
Inv weapon rifle 19 [Armor Plated Combat Shotgun]450
Trade engineering [Belt-Clipped Spynoculars]380
Inv misc bomb 05 [Big Bronze Bomb]140
Inv misc bomb 01 [Big Iron Bomb]190
Inv pick 03 [Bladed Pickaxe]375
Inv crate 01 [Box of Bombs]405
Inv gizmo bronzeframework 01 [Bronze Framework]145
Inv gizmo pipe 01 [Bronze Tube]105
Inv misc dust 02 [Coarse Blasting Powder]75
Inv misc bomb 06 [Coarse Dynamite]75
Inv misc enggizmos 31 [Cobalt Frag Bomb]350
Inv helmet 08 [Compact Harvest Reaper Kit]175
Inv gizmo 03 [Copper Modulator]65
Inv gizmo pipe 02 [Copper Tube]50
Inv ammo bullet 02 [Crafted Heavy Shot]75
Inv ammo bullet 02 [Crafted Solid Shot]125
Inv misc spyglass 02 [Crude Scope]60
Inv weapon rifle 07 [Deadly Blunderbuss]105
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Dense Blasting Powder]250
Inv misc bomb 06 [Dense Dynamite]250
Ability hunter rapidregeneration [Diamond-cut Refractor Scope]390
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 07 [Elemental Blasting Powder]300
Ability seal [Explosive Decoy]375
Spell nature polymorph [Explosive Sheep]150
Inv gizmo felironbomb [Fel Iron Bomb]300
Inv gizmo felironcasing [Fel Iron Casing]300
Inv weapon rifle 04 [Fel Iron Musket]320
Inv gizmo felironshell [Fel Iron Shells]310
Inv gizmo felstabilizer [Felsteel Stabilizer]340
Inv helmet 47 [Fire Goggles]205
Trade engineering [Flexweave Underlay]380
Inv helmet 47 [Flying Tiger Goggles]100
Inv misc enggizmos 28 [Froststeel Tube]390
Inv misc enggizmos swissarmy [Gnomish Army Knife]435
Spell nature lightningoverload [Gnomish Lightning Generator]425
Inv battery 02 [Gold Power Core]150
Inv helmet 44 [Green Lens]245
Inv helmet 47 [Green Tinted Goggles]150
Inv weapon rifle 13 [Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer]375
Inv misc pocketwatch 02 [Gyrochronatom]170
Inv misc screwdriver 02 [Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor]175
Inv pick 05 [Hammer Pick]375
Trade engineering [Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket]400
Inv misc enggizmos 29 [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]350
Inv misc gear 06 [Handful of Copper Bolts]30
Inv gizmo felironbolts [Handful of Fel Iron Bolts]300
Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube [Hardened Adamantite Tube]340
Inv gizmo 05 [Healing Injector Kit]410
Inv misc spyglass 02 [Heartseeker Scope]430
Inv misc dust 06 [Heavy Blasting Powder]125
Inv misc bomb 06 [Heavy Dynamite]125
Inv misc bomb 07 [Hi-Explosive Bomb]235
Inv ammo bullet 01 [Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs]210
Trade engineering [Hyperspeed Accelerators]400
Inv misc enggizmos 15 [Icy Blasting Primers]335
Inv misc bomb 08 [Iron Grenade]175
Inv spear 05 [Iron Strut]160
Inv gizmo khoriumpowercore [Khorium Power Core]340
Inv misc bomb 01 [Large Copper Bomb]105
Inv ammo bullet 05 [Mammoth Cutters]410
Inv gizmo 04 [Mana Injector Kit]415
Inv weapon rifle 05 [Mark "S" Boomstick]400
Inv helmet 47 [Master Engineer's Goggles]290
Inv gizmo 03 [Mechanical Repair Kit]200
Inv gizmo newgoggles [Mechanized Snow Goggles]420
Inv weapon rifle 07 [Mithril Blunderbuss]205
Inv gizmo mithrilcasing 01 [Mithril Casing]215
Inv misc bomb 02 [Mithril Frag Bomb]215
Inv ammo bullet 01 [Mithril Gyro-Shot]245
Inv musket 01 [Mithril Tube]195
Inv misc enggizmos 13 [MOLL-E]425
Inv weapon rifle 06 [Nesingwary 4000]450
Trade engineering [Nitro Boosts]405
Inv gizmo goblinboombox 01 [Noise Machine]420
Inv misc spyglass 01 [Ornate Spyglass]135
Inv misc enggizmos 27 [Overcharged Capacitor]375
Trade engineering [Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator]390
Inv box 01 [Practice Lock]100
Inv helmet 47 [Rose Colored Goggles]230
Inv weapon rifle 03 [Rough Boomstick]50
Inv misc bomb 09 [Rough Copper Bomb]30
Inv egg 05 [Salt Shaker]250
Inv ammo arrow 01 [Saronite Razorheads]410
Inv ingot 04 [Silver Contact]90
Inv weapon rifle 07 [Silver-plated Shotgun]130
Inv misc bomb 09 [Small Bronze Bomb]120
Inv misc powder black [Solid Blasting Powder]175
Inv misc bomb 06 [Solid Dynamite]175
Inv gizmo goblinboombox 01 [Sonic Booster]420
Inv helmet 47 [Spellpower Goggles Xtreme]225
Inv helmet 47 [Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus]270
Inv misc spyglass 02 [Standard Scope]110
Inv misc spyglass 03 [Sun Scope]420
Target Dummy85
Thorium Grenade260
Thorium Rifle260
Thorium Shells285
Thorium Tube275
Thorium Widget260
Truesilver Transformer260
Unstable Trigger200
Volatile Blasting Trigger350
Whirring Bronze Gizmo125

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