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Ability hunter pet boar
  • Charge
  • 8-25 yd range
  • 25 sec cooldown
  • 35 Focus
  • Instant cast
  • 5-29 TP
  • Charges an enemy, immobilizes it for 1 sec, and adds X melee attack power to the boar's next attack.
Usable by
Cooldown25 sec
Other information
Requirements5-29 TP

Charge is an active pet ability. It causes the Hunter's pet to charge an enemy, immobilizing it for 1 sec, and adding "X" Melee Attack Power to the next attack.

Rank Table Edit

Rank Attack Power Level TP Cost
1 +50 1 5 TP
2 +100 12 9 TP
3 +180 24 13 TP
4 +250 36 17 TP
5 +390 48 25 TP
6 +550 60 29 TP

Additional Notes Edit

  • The Boar's Charge ability is usable in combat.
  • Causes a high amount of threat. Having your pet boar initiate a solo fight with Charge -> Growl will stick aggro to it to the point that it will take a lucky series of critical hits to pull the enemy off it. For Beastmastery hunters, the combination of Charge -> Growl -> Intimidation is a sure-fire way to pull that rogue monster off your cloth-wearers.
  • The boar turns red while under the Charge buff.
  • Charge shares its cooldown with Dash. To clarify, one cannot tell their boar to attack a target, and expect it first use Dash to get within 25 yards of the target, then use Charge the rest of the way.
  • At present, there is no mob which can teach Charge (Rank 4).

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