Chancellor Bloodleaf is a high-ranking member of the Illidari. She currently resides in Shadowmoon Valley where she attempts to gain the favor of the giants.

She appears to be successful in doing so, as a fair number of giants have joined forces with the Eclipsion fighters. However, both Horde and Alliance forces in the area will do anything to disrupt this fragile bond. Agents of both factions seek to kill the Chancellor and her Giant counterpart, Corok the Mighty.

Conversation with Corok the MightyEdit

Chancellor Bloodleaf says: Lend us the strength of the giants of Shadowmoon, Corok. The master is a just ruler. He will be sure to take care of those that assisted in subduing the dissidents of this world.
Corok the Mighty says: And... if we do not?
Chancellor Bloodleaf says: Then you become enemies of my lord, Illidan. Enemies of Illidan are destroyed. Are your giants able to withstand an attack from the forces of Eclipse Point?
Bloodleaf laughs.
Chancellor Bloodleaf says: No... I did not think so...

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