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During closed testing stage of the Burning Crusade around late summer 2006, the player community had uncovered numerous spells and abilities from information gathering sites such as Thottbot. These abilities all referred to the priest class and a Champion companion. From the context, the Champion is likely another player.

Even though it was unconfirmed rumor, these abilities received some good and bad criticisms from the player community at the time. The whole concept has since disappeared. It is possible that this was false rumor. It is also possible that Blizzard removed them from the game due to various issues.

These abilities include:

  • Summon Champion - Summon the priest's Champion from anywhere in the world.
  • Proclaim Champion - Proclaim the friendly target as your champion for 2 hours. Increases armor by 230 all resistances by 10 and allows the use of various Champion spells on that target.
  • Revive Champion - Return the priest's Champion to life with 3500 health and mana.
  • Champion's Grace - Bestow the target Champion with grace increasing all healing done by the priest by 30%. Lasts 2 hour.
  • Champion's Bond - Creates a bond between priest and Champion. When the priest takes damage up to 20 will be taken by the Champion instead. Lasts 10 min.
  • Empower Champion - Empower the target Champion increasing all healing and spell damage done by up to 100. Lasts 2 hour.