Champion's Cache

Champion's Cache.

This article is about the Trial of the Champion chest. For the Trial of the Crusader chest (faction boss encounter reward), see Champions' Cache.
For Trial of the Grand Crusader chest (heroic mode Trial of the Crusader completion award), see Argent Crusade Tribute Chest.

The Champion's Cache appears when the three champions have been defeated in the Trial of the Champion.

Normal Mode
Inv belt 26
Inv belt 11
Inv bracer 33
Inv helmet 134
Inv pants plate 30
Inv boots leather01

Heroic Mode
Inv chest mail 06
Inv axe 76
Inv pants leather 23
Inv jewelry ring 60
Inv shoulder 102
Inv boots mail 01
Spell holy summonchampion
Ability paladin artofwar

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