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Chambermaid Pillaclencher can be found in the Dark Iron sleeping quarters of the Slag Pit in Searing Gorge. She spawns when a player who has recently stolen 20 [Dark Iron Pillow]s on the quest Kill 'Em With Sleep Deprivation leaves the immediate area. Upon killing her a gigantic pillow will spawn on the ground next to her corpse. Looting it starts the quest "Look at the Size of It!"


  • Inv misc organ 06  [Smother]ω ϖ 10 yd range—Deals damage to the target every 2 seconds for 6 sec. 185-215 damage a tick. ~50 yard knockback when it lands. Also silences for the duration.


Thieves! Scallywags! Rapscallions! Come face me gigantic pillas!

Patches and hotfixesEdit

Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.3.0 (08-Dec-2009): Added

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