The Chamber of the Eye is the section the Tomb of Sargeras where the Eye of Sargeras was held.[1] It was sought by Gul'dan and later Illidan Stormrage. When Maiev Shadowsong entered the Chamber, Illidan let the Chamber collapse. Naisha and the rest of the Watchers were presumably crushed.[2]

In the opposite way of the chamber was a corridor to another one where the Scepter of Sargeras was held.[3]

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It is presumed the chamber will appear in some way in Legion-Logo-Small Legion, but so far how is unknown.

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The Chamber of the Eye is the section of Sargeras' tomb that held the avatar of Sargeras and the last remnant of his withered form: the Eye of Sargeras. Demons are particularly prevalent inside the chamber.[4]

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