Chamber of Battle

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Chamber of Battle

Chamber of Battle

The Chamber of Battle is an area of Lower Blackrock Spire, and the domain of the Overlord Wyrmthalak. The room has envoys from the Smolderthorn forest trolls, Stonespire ogres, and Blackrock orcs, who all obey the overlord's command. Wyrmthalak himself is ranked directly below General Drakkisath, who is located in one of the chamber above, in Upper Blackrock Spire

The Chamber of Battle is the innermost chamber of the lower spire, and one has to go through almost every other area of the dungeon to get there. From Urok Doomhowl's ledge, one has to go up two levels, across a large room with a significant crack in the floor and heavily guarded by orcs, and across one of the spire's numerous bridges.

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