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The Chained Essence of Eranikus can release a poison that will damage an enemy for 45 seconds. This is a great item for preventing a rogue from stealthing with Vanish.

Source Edit

The Chained Essence of Eranikus is a quest reward from the quest The Essence of Eranikus which starts with the Essence of Eranikus which drops off the Shade of Eranikus.

As a quest objective Edit

Notes Edit

  • This trinket is very useful; turning it in to Itharius is not recommended at this time, as the quest line halts abruptly. You cannot retrieve the Chained Essence once you have turned it over.
  • Every time you use it, the tortured sentience of Eranikus begs you for release (or just gives you death threats).
  • Examples:
    • "Will the nightmare ever end?! I cannot force myself awake!"
    • "My soul is not a trinket! Mortal, you must release me from these chains!"
    • "My eyes! It burns... it burns..."
    • "Torture me no more! Release me, mortal! The Swamp of Sorrows... mortal... please..."
    • "Foolish mortal, I will rend your soul in two once I am released!"
    • "Foolish mortals you do not yet see the potential of that Artifact."
    • "You are an agent of their wicked god, fool. I will see you destroyed!"
    • "It hurts so much... Itharius, my old friend... Please help me..."
    • "My charge to watch the temple has failed... my corrupted soul knows no peace..."

Patch changesEdit

  • 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Essence of Eranikus now has a poison cloud graphic around it when used.

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