A draft suggestion of how to organize the content (sort by alphabetical namespace) - meaning all pagest start with the following (" ")

namespace abbrv reason / solution
Battlegroup DE, EN, FR (r) Battlegroup navigation already exist
Armor namespace:
  • Conqueror's
  • Sanctified
  • Triumphant (Gul'dan's, Kel'Thuzad's, Koltira's...etc.)
(r) armor set template already exist (e.g. Template:Druid sets, Template:Hunter sets,

Template:Mage sets, Template:Paladin sets, Template:Priest sets, Template:Rogue sets, Template:Shaman sets, Template:Warlock sets, Template:Warrior sets)

note: many of those template require cleanup.
  • Dragons of Outland Trilogy
  • Dragons of Outland Volume 2
  • Dragons of Outland Volume 3
(r) category already sorted
PlaySoundFile macros - (s)
  • create a navigational template or create a section in WoWWiki called Development/PlaySoundFile or sth.
TCG Fires Of Outland (r) + (s) category already sorted
  • create infobox for documentation
  • create special <gallery> tags to display all cards in either infobox gallery or just image gallery and use template:ajaxtables to retrieve information from article section.

--Ramu50 (talk) 19:04, March 1, 2010 (UTC) (r) = reason (s) = solution

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