Are the Forsaken inherently evil? I think there should be a section in this article about how wicked the free-willed undead are, or perhaps a separate article.

The Forsaken are certainly no paragons of virtue, as a player will see when she or he does the quests for Apothecary Johaan. References by more than one Forsaken to the "human infestation" don't make them look any better.
But they're still better than the Scourge. My reasoning here is that while the Scourge also wants to wipe out all natural life in the world, you KNOW that with the Scourge they are all under the Lich King's control (with the possible exception of Kel'thuzad, who's merely a suckup with a mind of his own) and that every single one of them is dedicated to that cause because they have no power to make decisions for themselves. With the Forsaken there exists the possibility that some of them might not be aware of the plans to create a new plague. There's also the possibility that some of those who are aware of the plans have doubts as to whether it is right. Finally, there's the possibility that some Forsaken would be content merely living out the remainder of their existence in peace, rather than exterminating every non-Forsaken out there. Free will means diversity, and diversity means a greater chance of disagreement.
As for the willingness of Thrall, Cairne and Vol'jin to ally themselves with the Forsaken, I would call it a pretty big mistake on their part even if they're aware Sylvanas isn't trustworthy.
My reasoning here is that while there are some in the Alliance who believe that any cooperation with orcs is out of the question, as Daelin Proudmoore did, there are still those who strive for peace, such as Jaina Proudmoore. Malfurion befriended a tauren, Hamuul Runetotem, before he returned to the Emerald Dream. Factions such as the Argent Dawn and the Cenarion Circle are comprised of orcs and humans, tauren and night elves, all working together toward a common goal and doing so as friends and comrades.
So there are those who might be willing to trust Thrall and the orcs at first....but who might have second thoughts when they find out that Thrall is "allied", for lack of a better word, with Sylvanas. Politically speaking, Thrall should be thinking about how his ties to Sylvanas make him appear to the rest of the world. The Forsaken have unlawfully occupied Lordaeron, after all (at the very least they're guilty of going back on their word), and for Thrall to have any sort of relationship with them makes it seem as though he has no objection to their actions.--Illidan Rocks 14:14, 20 Nov 2005 (EST)

Needs to be moved? Edit

I am thinking this needs to be moved to Race:Undead - then a disambiguation page at Undead - anybody with me?

[[User:SilverSide| Silver\Side]] 03:32, 3 Dec 2005 (EST)
Either way. --Illidan Rocks 18:38, 3 Dec 2005 (EST)

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