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There is very little history on the social organization of the tauren, but they seem to be grouped into "tribes" rather than "clans".

Main tribes:

  • Bloodhoof – The chieftain's own tribe.
  • Dawnstrider...
  • Grimtotem – This tribe is the only dissenting tribe, refusing to join Cairne and the Bloodhoof for reasons unknown.
  • Highmountain – A tribe with several notable members who fought (and still fight) against the Burning Legion.
  • Mistrunner...
  • Ragetotem – The Ragetotem tauren are the fiercest warriors among the tauren.
  • Runetotem – These have recently rediscovered the ways of the druid.
  • Skychaser – These tauren are the spiritual leaders of the tauren shamans.
  • Stonehoof – The Stonehoof are the most talented smiths among the tauren.
  • Thunderhorn – These make up the greatest hunters among the tauren.
  • Wildmane – This tribe has largely joined the Runetotem in seeking the ways of the druid.
  • Winterhoof...
  • Hawkwind...

Other tribes:

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