These templates display patch information in a consistent manner. There should be one for each patch (see Public client builds). All versions after 0.9 should be in the form of #.#.#. Templates for Patch #.# (Template:Patch #.#) should redirect to Patch #.#.0 (Template:Patch #.#.0).

All of the templates in this category can be used like this:

{{Patch 1.2.3
  |bluenote=quote from a forum thread
  |note=Quoted text from patch notes
  |comment=Un-official notes, undocumented changes or additional info
  • note, bluenote and comments are all optional, but at least one must be included.
  • If bluenote is given, note is not displayed.
  • Comments are recommended when an item only gives specifics about the new change. For example "foo was increased to 120%" could have the comment "Previously 90%".
  • The date of the patch, if available, is set by the template.
  • Typically, Template:Patch is ultimately used to display the information for odd patch numbers or for those versions which don't have a specific template (this should be rare).

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P cont.

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