This category contains zone maps extracted from the World of Warcraft game files with their size and aspect ratio intact, which allows them to be used with in-game map coordinates. Map coordinates are a percentage of the width and height of these images -- a location of 17.1,50.2 is 17.1% from the left-hand side of the image and 50.2% from the top.

If you need to replace one of these images or add new zones, ensure that you maintain the correct size and aspect ratio (1002x668 pixels) and that the images are not cropped or distorted from the original. Also note that, like the item/spell icons, these images use the internal names used by the game files, even when they are misspelled or do not match the names presented to users (e.g. "Hilsbrad", "Darnassis", and "Expansion01").

Media in category "Coordinate-safe maps"

The following 200 files are in this category, out of 371 total.

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