The Bookkeepers are among the most experienced and lore-specialized members of WoWwiki. Their knowledge about the World of Warcraft and their frequent contributions have made them the well-known members that we know. The Bookkeepers are led by Ragestorm, whose task is to regularly update the lore sections of the wiki, check the new lore sources and personally help the future Bookkeepers in denial. He is assisted in his tasks and general patrols by his "loyal," Majordomo, Kirochi.

Note that the Bookkeepers now act under the assumption that the War of the Ancients (novel account) is an official account.

If you ever engage in conversation with a Bookkeeper, keep these rules in mind: 1) do not predict retcons and 2) it's "OUTLAND" not "the Outlands!!!" If you address a Bookkeeper in this manner, your comments will be resolutely ignored.

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