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Neutral 32Catapult
Race Catapult (Mechanical)
Location Isle of Conquest
See Icon-3D-48x48
Pointer mount on 32x32 This vehicle can be mounted.

The Catapult is a personnel-delivery vehicle available in the Isle of Conquest battleground.

See also: Catapult

Weapons Edit

  1. Ability vehicle launchplayer  [Launch]ω ϖ (40)—Launches the driver towards the designated location.
  2. Inv elemental primal shadow  [Shadow Veil]ω ϖ—Covers the vehicle in shadows, increasing stealth and movement speed for 20 sec. Movement speed is increased by 50%


The Catapult becomes available shortly after one's faction gains control of the Docks.

Related achievementsEdit

  • Destroying one of these is a requirement for Inv gizmo supersappercharge [Demolition Derby]
  • Controlling one of these is a requirement for Inv gizmo 02 [Four Car Garage]
  • This vehicle can be used to launch one's self over the walls of the Isle of Conquest keeps, to gain the Ability vehicle launchplayer [Back Door Job] achievement.

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