Cataclysm Gems Edit

Color Uncommon Rare Epic
Red Inv misc uncutgemsuperior4 [Carnelian] Inv misc uncutgemnormal3 [Inferno Ruby] Inv misc epicgem uncut 01 [Queen's Garnet]
Orange Inv misc uncutgemsuperior5 [Hessonite] Inv misc uncutgemnormal [Ember Topaz] Inv misc epicgem uncut 04 [Lava Coral]
Yellow Inv misc uncutgemsuperior [Alicite] Inv misc uncutgemnormal5 [Amberjewel] Inv misc epicgem uncut 03 [Lightstone]
Green Inv misc uncutgemsuperior2 [Jasper] Inv misc uncutgemnormal1 [Dream Emerald] Inv misc epicgem uncut 06 [Elven Peridot]
Blue Inv misc uncutgemsuperior6 [Zephyrite] Inv misc uncutgemnormal2 [Ocean Sapphire] Inv misc epicgem uncut 02 [Deepholm Iolite]
Purple Inv misc uncutgemsuperior3 [Nightstone] Inv misc uncutgemnormal4 [Demonseye] Inv misc epicgem uncut 05 [Shadow Spinel]

Notes Edit

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