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Cassieopeia Edit

Season 42 Mage, Gambit Member, Feathermoon Server Edit

Name: Cassieopeia

Server: US (PST) RP realm Feathermoon

Guild: Gambit




Age: 42 seasons (as of Oct. 2006)

Professions: Skinner / Engineer

I grew up in Elwynn and Dun Morogh, and at around 12 seasons made the trip to Menethil and spent some time in Teldrassil and Darkshore. Upon reaching 18 seasons, I ran down to Booty Bay and took the ship to ratchet, where I spent a season or two. Most of my twenties were spent in Duskwood or Redridge, doing quests, or running Instances (Black Fathom Deeps, Stockades, Shadowfang Keep, Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery...). Lately, You might find me exploring Stranglethorn Vale or doing Zul'Farrak (once so far...).

I enjoy questing and doing Instances, but spend a fair amount of my time skinning (mostly in Stranglethorn these days) to pay the bills. I started out as a quest-a-holic, but as I've advanced, I realize that it's just not productive trying to clear every quest that is available to you-there are so many, you will end up getting little or no experience for the gray ones!

I am the *quintessential* accidental guild member. When I was at 7 Seasons questing in Elwynn forest, I responded to an offer for help killing Hogger. I had been up quite a while, and wasn't paying attention to my quest log. I had picked up the "Kill Princess" (a large hog) quest earlier, and thought this was the same quest... So, off I run to Southwest Elwynn, where I meet our esteemed Guild Oracle, Malaw , who is in fact, the Hogger Helping Hand ; p. She is very gracious, and assists me while I collect drops and coin to fund ... me, lol. While she is helping, we start chatting, and she offers her assistance (some nice outfits, which I still have ; ), and invites me into the guild. And the rest, as they say, you can read on our website ; p.

As I am new to the Wiki community, especially the WoWWiki, this page is bound to undergo some major changes as I bring it in line with the look and feel of the WoWWiki character feel free to send me tips and suggestions!

For more information on my Gambit website work, and general information about my alternate reality personalities, please go here!

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