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|name=Can I Keep Him?<!-- Copy and Paste the Achievement name -->
|name=Can I Keep Him?
|link=Can I Keep Him?<!-- Optionally include a link for the title -->
|image=INV_Box_PetCarrier_01<!-- Achievement image (.png already added)-->
|account=Account-wide progress
|description=Obtain a [[companion]] pet.<!-- Copy and Paste the Achievement description -->
|description=Obtain a [[companion]] pet.
|points=10<!-- The achievement points awarded for completing the achievement -->
|width=26em<!-- Optionally manipulate the width of the achievement box -->
|type={{{doc|Pet Battles}}}
<!--|style= Optionally manipulate the CSS styles of the achievement box -->
<!--|class= Optionally manipulate the CSS style class of the achievement box -->
|faction=Neutral<!-- Specify Neutral / Horde / Alliance -->

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Inv box petcarrier 01 Neutral 15 Can I Keep Him? 10 Money achievement
Account-wide progress
Obtain a companion pet.

"Can I Keep Him?" is a general achievement to obtain a single companion pet.


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