Thousand Needles - Destroyed Caravan

The destroyed caravan.

Camp E'thok is a Galak centaur camp in northwestern Thousand Needles.[19, 22]
The centaurs here raided a caravan that the goblin Wizlo Bearingshiner was in, but could not steal his most prized gadget, as it's tied around the neck of a ferocious panther he owns. The enraged panther's cage remains around the camp, untouched.

E'thok may be a reference to the soccer player Samuel Eto'o

In CataclysmEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
Camp E'thok (Cataclysm)

Camp E'thok flooded during the Cataclysm

Camp E'thok caravan (Cataclysm)

The remains of the flooded caravan after the Cataclysm

Camp E'thok is submerged in the Cataclysm and subsequently abandoned, as is the nearby caravan.

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