Call of Sul'thraze is a one-time action that combines the rare one-hand swords [Jang'thraze the Protector] and [Sang'thraze the Deflector] into the epic two-hand sword [Sul'thraze the Lasher].

Warnings Edit

This process consumes both the original swords and is not reversible, and it is possible to create a sword you cannot use.

If you are a Rogue and can use both one-hand swords but not the two-hand sword, combining the two one-hand swords may be undesirable. Also, [Jang'thraze] and [Sang'thraze] can be used and combined at level 45, but [Sul'thraze] requires level 50 to be equipped.

Any enchantments on the original swords will be lost.

Casting Edit

In order to cast Call of Sul'thraze, equip [Jang'thraze] (the main hand sword) and click on it. It is not necessary to equip both swords; [Sang'thraze] only needs to be in your inventory.

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